Youth Accounts

Youth Accounts from Go Energy Financial

Your child is going to have a bright future.

Get them started off on the right (or left) foot.

One key to navigating adulthood is learning good money management habits as a child and teen. Let Go Energy Financial help reinforce that financial savvy in your kids. We have special accounts aimed at educating about saving, spending, and money management. Let’s get started!

Youth Savings Account

Step 1: Have a baby, adopt, or become a guardian.
Step 2: Open a youth savings account.

A youth savings account is for one-day-old kids up to 18-year-old teens. This is a great way to learn saving skills by making deposits, withdrawals, and watching the balance grow.

Bring your child with you on your next visit, and talk to us about opening a youth savings account for them. We’re here to support you! Visit, email, or give us a call at (470) 514-3000 — we can give you answers to your questions.

Student Checking Account & Debit Card

Time to level up to a student checking account and debit card?

At some point, it’ll be the right time for your teen to have a checking account and debit card. You’ll know when— they’ll tell you! And we can help set everything up. All it takes is an initial deposit of $25 and adding you as a co-owner of the account and debit card. Your participation is an important part of teaching budgeting and money management.

Check out these student checking account and debit card features:

  • No monthly fee (see Fee Schedule for all the account details)
  • Free VISA® Debit Card (15-year-old students and older)
  • Free online account access and Mobile Money services
  • No minimum balance
  • Access to 4,000 shared service centers across the U.S.
  • Surcharge-free ATM services through over 55,000 ATMs nationwide

VISA® Secured Credit Card for Students

VISA® Secured for Students

In school?

We offer a VISA Secured for Students card for individuals in college or a trade school. Your FAQ reading assignment begins now.

Frequently Asked Questions About VISA Secured for Students

  • I’m a student. How do I qualify for a VISA Secured for Students card?

    If you are between the ages of 18 - 26, enrolled in college or a trade school of any kind, and have a Go Energy savings account, you qualify for our student card. Credit lines can range from $250 to $5,000 and are determined by the amount you have in your savings account. The credit limit on your card will be 75% of your balance. So for example, if you have $1000 in your savings, then you are eligible for a line of credit up to $750.

  • How will I manage my card and payments?

    Making your payments is easy with our bill pay service. You can choose to make the minimum monthly payment, a set amount each month, or pay off the entire balance. If you prefer to skip the online options, we’ll also accept a paper check. If you have a full- or part-time job, we can set up scheduled automatic payments. That’s really convenient, and it’ll protect you from being late on a payment.

  • How will this credit card help me establish credit?

    We report information about how you are managing your card to major credit reporting agencies. These reports let the agencies know if you’ve been making your payments on time, how much of your credit limit you are using, if you have gone over your limit, and other relevant information about your line of credit. Your history and other factors allow the agencies to determine your credit score.

    A clean history of on-time payments and a higher credit score make it more likely that you’ll qualify for financial benefits, like favorable interest rates on loans, lower car insurance rates, and higher credit card limits.

  • Why should I have a credit card when a debit card has almost the same benefits?

    While credit cards and debit cards are similar, the biggest benefit you get with a VISA Secured card is that it’s one of your first chances to build a strong credit history and establish a high credit score. Down the road, when you apply for a mortgage loan, car loan, or any other type of credit, a higher credit score is essential for you to get the best rates. Our credit card program is a great way to establish strong credit early on.

  • What is the interest rate on the VISA Secured for Students card?

    It’s 11.90% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on this card. When comparing different credit card options, we recommend that you always consider the interest rate, whether that rate is variable, and if there are any other fees that will need to be considered. We’re going to match up pretty well. Really well, actually.