Checking Accounts & Debit Cards

Checking Accounts from Go Energy Financial

Let’s get you set up with the right checking account for your lifestyle. We offer two types of checking: Go-To and Spark. Here’s a list of the features available with all Go Energy Financial checking accounts.

Checking Features

  • Free VISA debit card
  • 24-hour account access with online banking
  • Surcharge-free ATM services through over 55,000 ATMs nationwide
  • Mobile check deposit with the Go Energy Financial mobile app
  • Free bill pay, e-statements and direct deposit
  • Mobile card management with Card Valet™

Overdraft Protection

Don't overlook this extra for your checking account. We'll transfer funds from savings into checking to cover the amount needed to avoid a bounced check or declined card transaction. See the Fee Schedule.

Checking Account Types from Go Energy Financial

Go-To Checking

Manage your money with convenience and control.

Our Go-To Checking account is free of fees with no minimum balance, so you can secure your money without the stress.

Spark Checking

If you're not much of a check writer, but still need a debit card, be able to make payments, and stash deposits, Spark Checking is for you!

Here’s how it works: Set up a monthly direct deposit of at least $700. Enroll in online banking and sign up for e-statements. Use your debit card once per month or more and write fewer than ten checks each month. Doable? If yes, then you’ll earn a nice dividend on your balance.

VISA Debit Cards from Go Energy Financial

No cash? No problem.

Worldwide Purchasing Power with Zero Interest

VISA Debit cardZero, zip, zilch. Use your Go Energy Financial VISA debit card everywhere VISA Debit is accepted. And, that’s pretty much everywhere. Your card is tied to your checking account, so purchase amounts and ATM withdrawals pull from your checking balance. The card is free and there are no interest charges like with a credit card. Use it online and in real life!

5,000+ ATM Locations in the U.S.

Need cash? Our ATM networks offer thousands of surcharge-free locations nationwide. You can also look for stores that let you get cash back with your purchase. Choose the debit option, enter your PIN at checkout, and you’ve saved yourself a trip to the ATM. If you don’t need cash back, select the credit payment option and you won’t need to enter a PIN.

Find ATM Locations

After Hours Support

Debit Card
(833) 357-0004

Report Lost or Stolen Cards

For credit cards issued prior to June 14, 2021

VISA Credit Card
(800) 299-9842

Debit Card
(800) 472-3272

ATM Card
(470) 514-3000

Change Card PIN

For credit cards issued prior to June 14, 2021

Debit Card
(800) 757-9848

Credit Card
(866) 297-3408

VISA Debit Card Services

Card Valet for Debit and Credit Cards

Card Valet is available via a mobile app and safeguards your account. Card Valet can send you alerts and lets you define when, where, and how your cards are used. You can also establish transaction controls for dollar amounts, merchant categories, transaction types, and geographic locations.

Safeguard your cards: Turn them off if they're misplaced or stolen and back on when you're ready to use them. That is some master-level magic right there.

VISA Account Updater (VAU)

Hate having to update your credit card number with stores and merchants that have your card on file for recurring payments?  The VISA Account Updater is at your (free) service and is automatically activated for Go Energy Financial VISA cards.

Your old card information automatically updates to the new card number and expiration date when you have this service.

Otherwise… Our Opt-Out Option

If you would rather manually update your card, you can opt out of the VISA Account Updater service. Please complete the form to assume responsibility of notifying stores and merchants with any updated information about your card.

Opt Out of VISA Account Updater