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ENERGIZE Your Finances

  • Managing Your Money: Creating Budgets with Credit Cards

    2020-11-18 | blog

    Having your first credit card comes with a lot of mixed emotions. It brings both a sense of pride from getting approved and a hint of uncertainty if you’re not sure how to use it. Pros and cons aside, many don’t realize that credit cards can be a great tool for budgeting. So, whether you’re a new credit card holder or an experienced consumer, there’s something for everyone to take away from this article to better their financial management skills.

  • Introducing ENERGIZE Your Finances

    2020-11-18 | blog

    With Energize Your Finances, we provide all the necessary information you need to make important financial decisions every day. From improving credit scores to first time home buying, this blog will provide you with the tips and tricks to help your finances GO far!

  • How to Build and Manage Your Credit Score the Right Way

    2020-10-27 | blog

    Getting approved for your first auto loan, applying for a mortgage and opening up new credit cards all have one thing in common—you need a good credit score to qualify. Establishing a good credit score isn’t complex, but it takes some work. And once you’ve earned your way up, you’ll be rewarded with low interest rates, premium credit cards and more. A low credit score is repairable, and we’re here to share a few quick tips on how to do it.

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