Deposit Function at the East Paulding ATM

Currently, the deposit function at the East Paulding ATM is inoperable.  Please feel free to complete a mobile deposit or come into the branch for processing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay from Go Energy Financial

We’re not sure paying bills will ever be fun. But our free Bill Pay service lets you save money and time… and that could be used for doing something actually fun. We’re definitely in transitive property of equality territory here:

If Bill Pay = More Money & Time, and
More Money & Time = Fun,
Then Bill Pay = Fun.

Clearly, we’ve solved that.

About Bill Pay

Use bill pay to pay from your Go Energy Financial checking account using our mobile app or online banking. Say goodbye to writing out checks and sticking stamps onto payment envelopes. Say hello to 24-hour access, no charge per payment, and automatic payment scheduling.

Before you begin using bill pay, please be sure to review the online banking agreement.

*Note: Bill Pay will not process tax payments, make payments for other government obligations (such as court-directed payments), or make account transfers. See Rate and Fee Schedule for more details.

Bill Pay Enrollment

To enroll in bill pay, log in to online banking. Select the pay bills tab, and then choose payment center. You can start adding bills to pay right away via your checking account. If you don't currently have checking with us, it’s easy to open an account.

Questions? Please call us at (470) 514-3000.