Personal Loans

Personal Loans from Go Energy Financial

A personal loan can be used for ANYTHING. (Note from our attorney: anything legal.) How about a tropical vacation? How about unexpected expenses? How about a new washer and dryer? Yes, yes, yes… and more yesses!

With all that flexibility, you’re thinking the rates are sky high, right? Not right! Personal loans from Go Energy Financial have great rates, terms, and limits that make it easy to afford financing your plans and dreams and life.

Personal Loan Rates
as low as
Annual Percentage Rate

Secured Loans

Savings-secured and certificate-secured loans are an excellent way to keep your funds on deposit while still being able to purchase what you need. Use your savings or certificate funds as collateral to secure the loan. Rates are great and the terms are flexible. Give us a call and talk to a loan consultant for more details.

It’s easy to apply for a personal or secured loan and we’ll get you a quick answer. Application fee? No way!

Ready? Let’s do it!