Go Energy Credit Union Members,
We want to remind you that cybersecurity should always be a priority when it comes to your finances. We encourage you to take robust measures to protect your personal data. We understand cybersecurity can be compromised in a variety of ways.

Go Energy Credit Union will never ask for your password nor randomly send links asking that you input your account information. We will also never ask that you transfer money to us as a “test”.

Commonly used tactics to steal data and personal information include:


Phishing is the use of emails which are designed to look like sites an individual knows or like an internal company communication, once the target has clicked on the email, the hacker can download malware to the target computer that then registers what keystrokes (keylogger) are used. By doing so, a hacker just has to wait until the victim puts in their credentials like normal. A phishing email may also redirect someone to a bogus website to get the victim’s log in credentials that way. Spearfishing utilizes all these elements but is often much more targeted in how it goes about doing this. Actors may look up personal information of the people they are targeting to bring up details that would seem to suggest that the target knows them. Things like mentioning a child’s baseball game or being at a company function to sound more convincing. You can take the following measures to prevent this sort of compromise:

  • Implement multi-factor authentication

  • Use antivirus software

Spoofing Credit Union Phone Numbers

With today’s technology, actors and scammers can spoof phone numbers. Go Energy Credit Union will never call or text, requesting that you input sensitive information. If you receive a call or text from our Credit Union number that seems suspicious, hang up, and call our direct line 470-514-3000 and speak to one of our team directly.