Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI)

MBI can save you a whole lot of money in car repairs. MiB can save the whole galaxy from an intergalactic terrorist. (That’s for you Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones fans, circa 1997. You’re welcome.) Which acronym is going to benefit you and your car more right now? Important to consider.

What were we talking about?

Right. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. Before you buy an extended warranty from a car dealership, check out what we offer. MBI is similar and may cover more big-ticket repairs. Maintenance and accident damage aren’t covered, so let us give you more details about what is, for how long, and at what cost. Usually MBI is cheaper than an extended warranty.

We work with the good people at Old Republic Insured Automotive Services to offer MBI and other included benefits like emergency road service, lockout service, and towing. That should take care of most situations you’ll run across in this galaxy at least.

Talk to a Go Energy loan consultant today to learn more about MBI. And maybe, MiB.